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How To Order

I Want To Mail My Prescription

Mail your original prescription to:
Brand Direct Health®
1267 Professional Parkway
Gainesville, GA 30507

You will be contacted by a Customer Service Representative.

Your prescription will be shipped to arrive witin 2-5 business days once your prescription has been received and processed.

How Does It Work?

Ordering is a two step process:

Filling your prescription with Brand Direct Health® is fast and easy:

First, either your doctor or you may send us a valid prescription.

You will be contacted by a Customer Service Representative within one business day of receiving your prescription.

It's that simple! Note, the fastest way to process your order is to have your doctor send in your prescription.

Pharmacist examining medicine label.


Refill A Prescription?


Call or email Brand Direct Health® anytime.

Brand Direct Health® offers an automated refill program, refill reminders 2 weeks before your prescription is due for a refill, and interactive voice response to refill your prescription over the phone 24/7.

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