Brand Direct Health® Pharmacy

Supports your patients’ health with care

BRAND DIRECT HEALTH® Pharmacy exclusively delivers Alfasigma USA prescription medical foods through a convenient process designed to make prescribing easier for you.

Brand Direct Health® Pharmacy delivers Deplin, Metanx, CerefolinNAC and NeevoDHA prescriptions

All of our products are produced in the USA* from the highest-quality materials and according to Current Good Manufacturing Practices. There are never any generics or substitutions through Brand Direct Health® Pharmacy.

*Made in USA with US and non-US components.

Brand Direct Health® Pharmacy is here to support your practice and patients

Brand Direct Health® Pharmacy has specialists to help you through the prescribing process

Dedicated specialists ready to take your call

Brand Direct Health® Pharmacy has pharmacists specializing in Alfasigma USA products

Access to pharmacists specializing in Alfasigma USA products

No prior authorizations are required with Brand Direct Health® Pharmacy

No prior authorizations required. Patients get exactly what you prescribe

Prescribing made simple

We can help set up Brand Direct Health® Pharmacy in your ePrescribe system:


Resources for you

fax form

Prescription Fax form

tear sheet

ePrescribe form


Brand Direct Health® Pharmacy delivers care to your patients

Pay no more than $66 per month*

Patients receive full refund if not satisfied for any reason

Shipping of convenient 90-day supply**

Automated refills and reminders to help patients stay on therapy

Specialists available to patients

Mon - Fri: 8:00 AM ‑ 8:00 PM ET

Educational resources and support to help patients manage their condition

No return necessary. Limit to one refund per person, per product. Excludes shipping and convenience fees.

*$195.99 (plus tax where applicable) or 3 installments of $65.33 per month (plus convenience fee) effective Jan 1, 2023.

**Due to rising fuel and carrier cost, a shipping fee of $3.00 for First Class Mail will be applied effective July 19, 2022.

Brand Direct Health® Pharmacy helps patients remain compliant

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What your colleagues are saying

“Our patients have nothing but positive things to say about Brand Direct Health®! Their staff works diligently to ensure our patients receive the best pricing possible AND make the process incredibly simple on our end. I’d recommend them without hesitation.”

-Elena C., MD, FACE

What your colleagues are saying

“I like that Brand Direct Health® contacts patients within 24 hours of sending the prescription and before their medication runs out. The representatives aren’t pushy if the patient chooses not to refill the prescription. They are efficient and patient friendly.”

-Michelle M., MD

What your colleagues are saying

“Brand Direct Health® has surpassed my expectations. Their process is simple, their products affordable, and the best patients are getting better!”

-Karen C., CNP

What your colleagues are saying

“I have been using Brand Direct Health® for almost 4 years because of its ease of use and professionalism, and its cost is superior to local pharmacies! I will continue to use this pharmacy personally and professionally and would encourage others to do the same!”

-Amber S., PA-C